Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is a blog about Peyton. She is a black and tan puggle who is now just over one year old. She loves to play and chase anything moves. Her laser pointer, or “dot”, is her favorite toy, and she is absolutely OBSESSED with it. She’ll do about anything for food, and she’s an energetic and very loving dog.

Since it’s been about a year since I’ve had her I thought I would start out with some older pictures of Peyton as a puppy. I’ll add more throughout

She would thoughtfully curl up on my face and sleep as sound as a rock. Even now at 25 pounds she still finds herself curled up on faces to sleep. When I’m at my parents house she always seems to find my mom’s face to take a little nap on.

I don't think either of them mind much. :)

Peyton LOVES auntie Em. Emmie’s fingers were the only ones she was aloud to chew on, and she definitely took advantage of that! Emmie has a new dog, Tucker, and her parents have a miniature Yorkie. They play so hard when they are together..

Emmie's little man :)


Anonymous said...

awwwww that peyton is cuuuuute but those other dogs, not so much

puggle said...

I like the picture oh him curled up sleeping with the girl.